Filene Center II – Wolf Trap

Building Area 110.0 SF
Location Vienna, VA
The renovation of the new Filene Center, features a 10-story stage tower and $1.7 million fire detection and prevention system. The new center adds 200 seats to hold 3,700 spectators inside and 3,000 more on the lawn. The proscenium opening has been enlarged as well. An entirely new feature is a full-sized rehearsal hall backstage, which will allow coming productions to be rehearsed in the same building where they will be staged.

Fire protection, of course, was a major concern. The new building is constructed almost entirely out of concrete and steel. The exterior siding is fire-retardant, and the walls and ceilings are covered with fire-resistant Douglas Fir panels. There are automatic and manual fire curtains at the stage opening.

Acoustical improvements include a redesigned forestage canopy, orchestra pit, sound system and orchestra shells. Facilities for handicapped also have been improved, as well as the backstage parking area. Work and storage spaces have been expanded and performers will be able to enjoy a new canteen and enlarged green room with adjoining patio and stars’ dressing rooms.